Happy Anniversary!

Wow! It’s been six years as Practically Perfect Day Spa. What a wild ride it has been. We are so excited to have shared these years with you and we want to thank you for your support. We are so happy to do what we do every day; you make it possible.

As part of our thanks to you, we are offering a special deal for the month of September. Pick any three services and receive 10% off your total. The services include: hair cut, all over color, manicure, pedicure, pumpkin facial, or massage.

We are also offering complimentary beverages like wine, beer and a special fall cider for the month of September. So come by for a visit and let us pamper you.

We love you lots!


How To Make Your Pedicure Last Longer This Summer

Ahhhh, summer. The perfect time to have smooth heels and a fresh coat of paint on your toes. Too bad it’s also the hardest time to maintain that lovely pedicure. All of the heat, sand, and dirt really do a number on our feet and if you’re anything like me, you can’t afford to pay for a pedicure every week (even as a spa owner!) So what can we do to make sure we get the most out of our pedicure?

Let’s take a look at a few easy ways to have our feet looking great for longer:

  1. Moisturize–I can’t say this enough, you need to moisturize every day. Not just your face, not just your hands, but everywhere, especially your feet. Think about all the hard work they do during the day and, if you wear flip flops or other open-toed shoes, all of the stuff they are exposed to. Take the time to the clean your feet and moisturize properly.
  2. Cuticle Oil–A little drop of cuticle oil goes a long way in saving your polish and making sure your nails are healthy and happy.
  3. Top Coat–Reapply your top coat every few days to prevent chipping, be sure to get at the very end of the nail to seal it.
  4. Cover Them Up–I know you won’t want to cover up your toes if you just spent good money on a pedicure, but exposure to the elements helps nails chip and break faster. Try wearing close-toed shoes to work and sandals afterward to encourage your pedicure to stick around longer.

Remember that the best way to maintain a pedicure is to have healthy feet. Our spa is meticulous when it comes to hygiene and safety and we have a certified medical nail technician on staff. Book Now or call 770-704-5614.

Kick the Habit This Summer

Looking to achieve a goal this summer, besides finishing the beach read you picked up or mastering the perfect mojito? How about quitting smoking?

We know you’ve heard all about what smoking does to your heart, lungs, and other internal organs,  but what about the largest organ you have–your skin? Your skin relies on the intake of oxygen to function properly. When you smoke, the nicotine and other chemical in cigarettes restricts the blood vessels and severely limits the amount of oxygen available.

This results in:

  • Grey or yellow skin
  • Increased chance of psoriasis. You are between 20% and 60% more likely to have psoriasis depending on how long you smoke.
  • Yellow teeth and tooth loss.
  • Wrinkles and other signs of premature aging.
  • Thinner hair

Also it’s not just your face that turns yellow or grey, your fingers do too. Plus, your skin takes much longer to heal from scrapes and wounds, which in turn leads to more scarring.

If you do decide to quit smoking, your body will immediately begin to heal itself. The amount of time it takes to heal will depend on how long you’ve smoked.

Check out this image to learn more about the healing timeline following your decision to quit smoking:



There are several ways to combat the signs of aging when you quit smoking, including regular chemical peels and facial treatments. We would also recommend using a collagen-building product, like PCA Skin’s Collagen Hydrator to reverse the damage.

If you are interested in scheduling your first treatment or if you have questions about our products, please comment or give us a call at 770-704-5614. We are happy to schedule a consultation to figure out your skin care needs.

What’s New: L’Oreal Pro Fiber

We recently added a new product to our arsenal in the spa, L’Oreal Pro Fiber. Pro Fiber has three different levels of treatment based on how much hair damage you have. Our stylists will assess your hair and then choose a corresponding treatment plan. For example:

  • The Pro Fiber Revive  would be used on fine to medium hair that has been slightly damaged from heat styling.
  • The Pro Fiber Restore would be used on hair that is frequently colored, highlighted or chemically treated, as well as regularly heat styled.
  • The Pro Fiber Recover would be used on medium to coarse hair that has been double processed, chemically treated, and regularly heat styled.

After your shampoo and scalp massage, the stylist will use the concentrate and masque on your hair to ensure nourishment and to correct damage. After a short wait while the products work their way into your hair, your hair will be rinsed and styled.

The Pro Fiber regimen has been hailed as the best new formula from L’Oreal for damaged hair. We are excited to use it in our salon. If you’d like to schedule an appointment to try Pro Fiber on your hair, click here.

IMG_5207 IMG_5206

Before and After a Pro Fiber Treatment by Barbara

Have questions? Talk to us in the comments.

It’s That Time of the Year Again: Sunscreen Time

While we think you ought to be wearing sunscreen year round, we like to remind our clients that it is VERY important to wear it during the summer months. We know you want to get some summer color, but the sun will seriously damage your skin- so slather on some all-natural sunscreen before heading out of doors.

Here are a few things to look for when picking a sunscreen to wear.

  • Broad Spectrum SPF 30 or Higher
  • Blocks Both UVA and UVB rays
  • Natural Sunscreen Using Zinc Oxide**

** avoid sunscreens that use a variety of chemicals for protection.

We are partial to PCA Skin’s Weightless Protection because you can apply it right before you put on make-up. Remember to put it on 30 minutes before you go outside and to get those easily forgotten places like ears, hands, feet, and underarms.

Don’t forget your hat and polarized sunglasses either!


A Man’s Haircut: How to Talk Hair

In honor of Father’s Day, we thought we’d address an issue we have seen a lot during our years in business. A bad haircut on a guy. It happens frequently to both men and women, but it’s almost worse on a guy because they don’t usually have that much hair to work with.

For example, one of our regular clients went to a major men’s haircut chain for a quick cut and…. it didn’t turn out well.

 IMG_5103 IMG_5102

Yeesh! It’s like the proverbial line in the sand.

IMG_5105 IMG_5104

Aaaaand afterward, all fixed up by Sasha

We aren’t sure whether it just wasn’t the stylist’s day or if she was lacking experience, but we know that a lot of bad haircuts stem from miscommunication. So let’s clear that up with today’s post on how to talk to your stylist.

The Style

First up, tell your stylist the look you are aiming for–if you want to look like Tom Hiddleston, Brad Pitt (circa Inglourious Basterds), or Jon Hamm aka Don Draper. These are all very different styles. Remember that pictures help, so save a few on your phone to give the stylist an idea if what you want. Also make sure you tell the stylist to be up front with you, if she doesn’t think it will look good for your head/face shape- you want to know that too.

Tom_Hiddleston_(Avengers_Red_Carpet) cba75b80541f3d6fd0b3353b00f9d344 Jon_Hamm_at_PaleyFest_2014_(light)

The Cut

Now is the time to be specific about how much you want taken off. Don’t say “a little off the top” because that can mean a variety of things to different stylists. Say something like “a quarter inch off the side and half an inch off the top.” If you don’t have them memorized already, ask your stylist what clipper guards she uses on your head so you know what to repeat the next time.

Taper and Napes

A tapered haircut means that the length of your hair gradually gets shorter from the top of your head to your neck. This is a fairly standard haircut, however, if you want your hair the same length all over, be sure to mention it. When it comes to the nape or neckline, you have three options: blocked, rounded, or tapered. The blocked nape is squared off and can give the impression of a wider neck if you have a thin neck. The rounded nape curves the corners of a blocked nape. Both will have to be maintained so that it doesn’t look unkempt when the hair below starts to grow in.

The last nape is taper, which just follows the natural neckline. It doesn’t need a lot of maintenance and is generally the preferred way to go.

Texture and Product

If you want to a choppy/piece-y look on top, tell your stylist about it. Then ask for his/her suggestions on product to get the look you want.

Lastly don’t forget to discuss your sideburn length and the arches around your ear. You know what looks good on your for sideburns and most men prefer that the stylist stick with the natural arch around the ear. Clarify these things with your stylist so your haircut is perfect all the way around.

We hope this will help solve those bad haircuts! Let us know if you have more questions, we are here to help. If you’d like to book with Sasha or one of our great stylists, click here.

We are also offering a deal for Father’s Day! Click here!

Thank You!

What a wonderful turn out for our Open House! Thank you to everyone that had a chance to stop by for a visit. We loved seeing everyone and sharing our beautiful new space with you. We took a few photos of the Open House, so check them out below.

If you couldn’t make it last night, feel free to stop by to check out the spa when you have some time. If you’d like to book an appointment, click Book Now.

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What’s New: Marula Oil – Rare Oil Treatment

We have a new conditioning treatment at Practically Perfect, Marula Oil!

The Marula tree, as well as its fruit and seeds has long been utilized by people in South Africa and is one of the great, indigenous trees of the region. Because the tree is drought resistant, it is suited for the climates in Namibia, Botswana, Zimbabwe, and Zambia.

In 1972, Eve Palmer and Norah Pitman wrote in Trees of Southern Africa, covering all known indigenous species in the Republic of South Africa, South-West Africa, Botswana, Lesotho & Swaziland that, “It is the oil from the Marula kernel that has come to give the Marula tree its spiritual status. The kernels are so full of oil that a squeeze with the hand can release a rich yield. This healing oil is used as a cosmetic, by Southern African women, and is massaged onto the skin of their face, feet and hands.”

So if your hair has been a little under the weather lately, schedule an appointment for a conditioning treatment today!



The Archers of 361 East Main

We hope you have had a chance to stop by our new home on Main Street! We have been so excited to welcome you all and we can’t wait for the Open House next week on Thursday. Many of you have asked about the history of the house and we wanted to give you a little snippet.

After the death of her husband, Roxie Archer moved her two young daughters, Elizabeth and Marie, from Sharp Mountain to Canton and built the home at 361 East Main Street. We believe the home was built around 1904, which would mean that she had lost her husband, built a home, and moved all while her youngest was only a year old. (Talk about tough.)

The Archer’s lived there for a number of years before Roxie moved to Jasper to run the Archer Hotel. The Canton City Census in 1920 lists Mrs. W.B. Archer, 41; Elizabeth Archer, 19; and Marie Archer, 17. They attended the First Baptist Church of Canton, which at that point was located downtown, near the present-day City Hall.

In 1923, Marie was married to John Robert Teasley of Canton and they had five children. Later, the new middle school in Canton was named for Marie Archer Teasley for her generous support of children’s education. We think it was fated that this is also where our number one handyman and favorite Practically Perfect man, Sean Furilla, teaches now.

After the Archer’s moved to Jasper, the home belonged to the McClure family and sisters, Pollie, Rochelle, and Dale, continued to live there for many years following World War II. The sisters also taught school and Mr. Bill Teasley remembers Dale as one of his teachers.

The home was later purchased by the Magana family, who own it presently. We are thankful to them for maintaining so much of the home’s original character, as well as saving historic documents found in the attic.

Please stop by next Thursday at 5:30 to see the home for yourself and to learn a little bit about Practically Perfect’s future. We will have wine, beer and other refreshments!

Marie, Roxie, and Elizabeth Archer on the front porch of 361 East Main
Marie, Roxie, and Elizabeth Archer on the front porch of 361 East Main

This Old House: All my bags are packed, I’m ready to go

What a whirlwind it has been the last month or so. It has culminated in these last few crazy days when we have been shuffling furniture, equipment, products, and linens from one historic house to another. As we draw to a close this evening, we have been reflecting on just what our little home at 577 East Main Street has meant to us. It’s really where my dream started. I wanted to open my own spa. I wanted it to be a place that was peaceful, where you could escape the hustle and bustle of the day. A refuge of sorts for all my people. The house we picked was quirky and pretty, calm and peaceful. It has been an anchor all these years not just for me, but for all the people who work there. We have built quite the little family and although a few people have come and gone- they always know that they can come home for a visit anytime.

I am excited to be starting in a new place and I think the changes we have made will thrill you. We have so much more space for everything. It is a little bittersweet looking back though; as we close one door, we open a new one.

“You get a strange feeling when you leave a place like you’ll not only miss the people you love, but you miss the person you are at this time and place because you’ll never be this way again.” – Azar Nafasi

I’ll miss the crooked door frames, the squeaks in the floor, the tricky lock on the front door. I’ll miss the way it smells after years of spa services. I’ll miss the scalding hot water tap (well, maybe not that so much.)

But my bags are packed, I’m ready to go.

We will see you tomorrow at 361 East Main Street.

1233058_689024394454584_1450424396_o  1486754_738795089477514_2003317074_n  1921073_786166784740344_629677118_o

10259039_1136374976386188_4807876399633141130_o  11226055_1044091508947869_6735854389907613905_n  10682231_886488558041499_1583523075442113136_o

11694941_1056890944334592_721538267256348646_n  11700831_1054733577883662_8541799567413487531_n  11752108_1060720220618331_7942558363476280583_n


What’s New: Nail Services

IMG_4714 FullSizeRender (2)

The orange is gone! Our new nail room is coming together and with it, new services for our clients. Selina and her team have been busy refining our list of services, improving what we already do and adding a few new beneficial add-ons.

We are now offering an On The Go Manicure and Pedicure, each only lasting 30 minutes! We know that your free time is precious, so this is a great way to get in and out quickly and still feel beautiful and pampered. We aren’t skipping on the extras either when you are On The Go, they each include exfoliation and a moisturizing treatment and cuticle care.

We will still have the Practically Perfect Manicure and Pedicure. We have added some extras like a collagen anti-aging treatment AND an IBX nail strengthening treatment. Both of these will have you feeling like a million bucks in just a few minutes.

We still have the Men’s Sport Pedicure and the Kid’s Pedicure, but we are also adding a hot stone massage for pedicures.

Plus check out the new chairs!


Click here to see a full list of services!

This Old House: BBQ & Brews … and paint!

Only 12 more days until we are open in our brand new space in the Loop. We are so excited to be joining the rest of the businesses already established there. It will make it that much easier to join in during festivals, First Fridays, and all the other happenings.

Like this weekend for example, with the BBQ & Brews Festival on the square. We can’t wait to see everyone turn out for this great event that supports such a wonderful cause.

From their website, www.bbqandbrews.com:

The BBQ & Brews Festival is the first of what will be an annual barbecue competition and craft beer festival held on Main Street in Downtown Canton, GA. Join us for this family friendly event with live music, local craft beer, food trucks and a sanctioned BBQ cooking competition on April 30th 2016, from 12pm-8pm!

The festival is hosted by #ForCanton, a non-profit organization 501(c)(3) dedicated to fighting poverty, homelessness, and hunger in the city of Canton. We love this city. We live here, shop here, and build friendships here in this great city. The city of Canton is thriving — new restaurants, vendors, community activities, and residential communities are emerging more and more. As the population continues to flourish, we want to make sure ALL of Canton’s people can thrive, especially those going through a hard time, for whatever reason. #ForCanton is passionate about compassion — we run a clothing closet, a food pantry, and a variety of services specific to the Fall and Winter months (school supplies drive, a warming shelter, full Thanksgiving meals, etc). 100% of all profits from the BBQ & Brews Festival will go to these outreach adventures as we provide for our community and continue to grow with the great city of Canton.

We love our home and we know you love it too. Thanks for supporting Canton.


In the meantime, check out updated photos of the new space! We still have a lot of work to do, but it’s coming along nicely.

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This Old House: The Uncovering

Wow, just wow. It has been an amazing week of transformation at our new house on Main Street. We moved into the former grocery store side of the house and, subsequently, did A LOT of moving out. Moving out huge shelving units, that is.

It is crazy what a little light and space will do for a room. The grocery store side is almost unrecognizable now. The highlights for us have been the gigantic bay windows and the beautiful tiled fireplaces. Each fireplace has its own distinct tile and color and they were ALL hidden.

In some ways, it all ties together. The transformation at this old house, the work we do everyday at the spa, our lives at home- beauty surrounds us, it just needs to be observed, uncovered.

Check out the photos below to see what we mean. We hope you have a blessed week!

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This Old House: Update

Holy Cow, y’all. We have picked a date to move, so our last day in our lovely little house on Main & Pettit Streets will be May 7 for Mother’s Day. We will be closed for a few days to get everything moved over to the new spa at 361 East Main and will reopen (if all goes according to plan) on May 11th!

We are so excited for you to see the new space that we have been working so hard on. We still have a bit of work to do, but our vision is getting closer to reality every day. We are just so proud to be able to share this experience with you!

We have had a few surprises along the way including mysterious documents hidden behind a brick in the attic. We will be posting more on that soon.

In the meantime, here are a few photos to pique your interest!

Finished Floors with Stain and Poly!


Bathroom Door Before IMG_4643

Bathroom Doors After


Next up, painting!

DIY Sugar Scrub Gift for Mother’s Day

Mother’s Day is getting closer and closer and, if you’re anything like me, you haven’t even started thinking about a gift yet. Not to worry, we still have time!

If you are feeling a little strapped for cash, check out this easy sugar scrub recipe to make for Mom. All you need is a pretty Ball jar (a lot of grocery stores sell pretty blue ones), sugar, olive oil, and some essential oils.

Easy DIY Sugar Scrub

Take 1/2 cup of sugar and mix with 1/2 cup of olive oil (organic for both if you can find it.)

Then add a couple drops of your favorite essential oil like citrus or lavender.

Voila! An easy gift for Mom without breaking the bank!


Remember if you have a little bit more money to spend, Practically Perfect offers a wide variety of services and packages for every budget. We also include complimentary mimosas and wine with each service. We know your Mom deserves the very best and we would love to treat her like a Queen. Book Now!

Did You Hear? We’re Moving

You might have seen on Facebook or in an email that Practically Perfect is in the process of renovating our new space in Downtown Canton. We are moving a bit closer into “The Loop” and will be located at 361 East Main Street. We have loved every minute of our time on the corner of Pettit and Main Streets, but we are so excited to offer our clients more space and more services.

In the meantime, Lisa, Sean & team have been working hard with the owners of the new space to get it ready for a mid-May opening. Check out these recent photos to see what they have been up to:

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Spotlight on Estheticians: Briana & Tia

I hope you have really enjoyed the spotlights that we have been doing on the best spa and salon staff around! I have truly enjoyed writing them and will continue to do so as we grow in the future. The staff are the backbone of the spa and the reason that all of our clients feel Practically Perfect when they leave their service.

We will be wrapping up the last of the spotlights with a focus on two of our estheticians. I can’t say enough good things about either of them. Their smiles light up a room and the care and attention they devote to their craft is amazing.

Tia & Briana have been with Practically Perfect for awhile now and we are so blessed to have them working beside us each and every day.  We are sure that you have seen them at the spa or on Facebook or at one of the many events we have attended. They each have a loyal following of clients who choose only to see them.

Book Now with Tia and Briana or call 770-704-5614!

10981739_992435864113434_4171600716561368841_n 10999639_992436194113401_2165744010619568286_n

Spotlight on a Stylist: Kara

The one, the only, Kara! You may have heard of her– our true original.

Before she joined us at Practically Perfect Day Spa, Kara owned Kara Christian Styling Studio in Woodstock. She decided to move a little closer in to Canton and we were so lucky that she chose us as her new home. If you have been following us on Facebook, you may have seen some of her talent.

We love her laugh, her style, and her readiness to try all things new and different. By pushing herself to be better than she was yesterday, she encourages us to improve as well!

What would we do without our Kara? It doesn’t even bear thinking about!


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Getting to Know: Mandy

As you might have seen, we have some big changes coming to Practically Perfect Day Spa in the next couple of months! We are moving to a new location closer to the heart of Downtown Canton at 361 East Main Street. We have loved every minute of our time at the little white house on the corner of Pettit & Main Streets, but we can’t wait to be able to expand our services in our new location.

We have also welcomed a new team member, Mandy, and we are so excited for you to get to know her! Mandy is a longtime Canton resident and studied massage therapy in Jasper at Touch for Healing, Reiki School of Massage. She fits right in with our relaxed, sweet style and we love the care she shows to clients.

Want to learn more about Mandy–read below!

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Spotlight On Our Massage Therapists: Danielle, Chelsey, Mandy, Melanie, & Tracy

A great massage can relax the mind, renew the body, and revive the spirit. When you combine a great massage with a wonderful therapist, your benefits are multiplied because they have taken the time to listen to you and the needs of your body. Our massage therapists are intuitive, holistically-minded, generous with their time and talents, and wise in the art of healing both mind and body. Each therapist possesses their own style and rhythm of massage, but the outcome is the same. When our clients leave the spa, they feel at peace with themselves.

We all know that massage therapy reduces pain, muscles tension, and stress. The Mayo Clinic reports that massage may also be helpful for :

  • Anxiety
  • Digestive disorders
  • Fibromyalgia
  • Headaches
  • Insomnia related to stress
  • Myofascial pain syndrome
  • Soft tissue strains or injuries
  • Sports injuries
  • Temporomandibular joint pain

Let’s take a moment to get to know our massage therapists:

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Spotlight on a Stylist: Carrie

“Your smile is your logo, your personality is your business card, how you leave others feeling after an experience with you is your trademark.”

I don’t think there is another person that fully incorporates this phrase into their life, both professionally and personally, more than our Carrie. Each and every day, she comes into the spa with a smile on her face, ready to greet the day. There are usually clients up early and waiting to see her. They all have regular weekly appointments and Carrie’s knows just about everything that is going on in their lives. She is both anchor and wings for many people, holding them steady and lifting them up.

This is why we couldn’t do without her and why we strive to be more like Carrie every day.

Check out a little bit of her work next.

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Spotlight on an Esthetician: Lisa

“A true leader becomes great, not because of their power, but because of their ability to empower others.”

More than an esthetician, more than the boss lady, Lisa Furilla is Practically Perfect’s leader because she empowers us all to be the best at what we do. Her passion for her work and the diligent care she provides to clients and employees alike motivates all of us ever day.

Lisa IS also a wonderful esthetician, too. The countless positive reviews, testimonies, comments all attest to the fact that no matter what your skin woes might be, Lisa can fix them. Let’s take a look at her work more closely, shall we?

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Spotlight On An Esthetician: Madi

This sweet gal is a Jackie of many trades! From skincare to waxing to make-up, she really does it all with a smile on her face and happiness in her heart.

Madi is always willing to jump in and try new things, always eager to learn. That makes her the perfect fit with all of our dreamers and doers. She doesn’t toot her own horn often enough, but if you know her, you know just how great she is.

Check out some of Madi’s work below!

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Spotlight on a Stylist: Barbara

Have you ever met someone so spirited and full of life that you wonder how they contain all that energy everyday? That’s what it is like knowing Barbara, our free spirit with boundless enthusiasm. As she says, “Life is too short for boring hair.” Or boring anything, really.

Check out Barbara’s work in today’s spotlight on a stylist and book with her next time you need a little jolt!

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Spotlight on a Stylist AND Massage Therapist: Danielle

Most of you all know Danielle as a FANTASTIC massage therapist. Seriously, Danielle is magic. She attended the Cohutta Healing Arts Institute in Ellijay, where she underwent rigorous training for her certification. Her hundreds of satisfied, happy clients can attest that the training definitely paid off in spades.

You might not have know though that she is also an amazing stylist. She is experienced in a wide range of salon services like bayalage and ombre and can deliver the perfect cut and color to her client every time. She also does amazing Keratherapy Keratin Smoothing Treatments. If you have curly, thick, unmanageable hair, hurry over to Book Now to schedule a session with Danielle.

Don’t believe me? Check out her work below.

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Spotlight On A Stylist: Sasha

Last year when Sasha was out following surgery, I posted this photo.


I wasn’t even kidding, really. It really says something about Sasha that the majority of her clients waited for her to return rather than see another stylist. Especially when you consider that she is KNOWN for her men’s cuts and there isn’t a lot of time between haircuts for most men.

If you know Sasha, then you know she is so special and talented. Her skills wow us every day and we are so excited to share her work in this post. Check it out!

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Spotlight On A Stylist: Callie

If you regularly follow our Facebook page, you’ve seen the amazing work that Callie has done on our clients. She is truly gifted when it comes to giving clients exactly what they ask for, whether it be bayalage, ombre, the perfect cut, gorgeous make-up, or a beautiful updo.

Check out her work below and get inspired this spring!

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Skincare Treatments During Pregnancy: What to Know

During pregnancy, your hormones are running rampant and usually they are running all over your face. Breakouts, especially around the chin and hairline, are common during while you are pregnant. You may even break out on your back, chest, and butt.

Although you are restricted in what treatments you can get (alas, no chemical peels), there are some things that we can do to help you get your glow back and they are all super easy:

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27 Beauty Companies That Don’t Test On Animals (And 17 That STILL Do)

At Practically Perfect, it’s very important to us that the products we use and sell are cruelty-free, meaning that they aren’t tested on animals. The lines we carry, PCA Skin, Vinylux, Pureology, Colorescience, are never tested on animals or use any animal by-products.

We decided to do a little more digging and find other companies that share our cruelty-free vision and we also wanted to find out the companies we should avoid. Our list is a mix of some well-knowns and some not-so-well-knowns. Let’s take a look:

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Getting to Know: Lauren

The BEST part of working for Practically Perfect (apart from making our clients feel extraordinary) is making new friends as we continue to grow. In the last two months, we have added three new team members and we are so excited to introduce to you the latest addition to our family- Lauren.

We think Lauren, with her sweet smile and engaging personality, is going to be a great fit at the front desk. We know that all of our clients will feel right at home when they talk with her. In the meantime, get to know the gal behind the desk with this little quiz below.

Then give Lauren a call to book your next appointment!

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Why Pureology?

If you have been to visit one of our stylists at Practically Perfect, you know that we use Pureology products both in the back bar and for finishing your look. We also highly recommend them to our clients for use at home. There are a few reasons why we are so in love with Pureology, but the most important to us is that they are a cruelty-free and green company. This means that their products are 100% vegan, they aren’t tested on animals nor do they use animal products or by-products. In addition they also have made huge reduction of their environmental footprint:

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Getting to Know: Danielle

Christmas came early for the Practically Perfect family! We would like to welcome Danielle, our new massage therapist and stylist, to our spa family! We are so excited and know that you all will love her enthusiastic, sweet personality just as much as we do. Danielle is very knowledgeable in a wide range of salon and massage services, your care is her top priority.

Before you head to Book Now, take a moment to get to know the newest friend in the little white house on Main Street. We know you’ll be glad you did.

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Under the Weather Remedies

It’s that time of the year again, everyone is gathered together for the holidays and inevitably someone catches a cold or comes down with a sore throat. The stress of planning the perfect holiday season coupled with little Timmy being out of school makes it easy to be laid low with an illness.

But before you chug the Robitussin, consider using a few natural remedies with essential oils to speed healing. Here are a few ways to use them:

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Dealing with Pimples: Popping and More

Even though it’s recommended to NOT pop a pimple, sometimes it is impossible to leave it alone and go about your life. No one wants a massive zit on their face and sometimes you just have to handle it. So if you have to get rid of it, this is the best way to go about it. (Remember to only use this on whiteheads. It won’t work on other types of pimples; it will just make them red and mad.)

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What Is A Hydra Fusion Facial?

(In no way associated with the villainous organization from the Marvel Universe.) 🙂

The Hydra Fusion Facial is actually the most amazing facial treatment that we provide at Practically Perfect. Not many spas have access to this technology, even in metro Atlanta. That’s why we are thrilled to have it available for our clients. But first, what is it?

  • AquaClean™ System–The Hydra Fusion Facial utilizes the AquaClean™ system which uses water and nutrients to first exfoliate and then hydrate the skin. The system is abrasion-free and does not dry or irritate the skin like other facial treatments can.
  • Aquaporins–When we were born, the water molecules in our skin cells were in perfect alignment within the aquaporin channels walls. This gave us the ideal elasticity and hydration in our skin. As we get older, our skin changes and the aquaporin proteins are reduced and it becomes harder for the body to hydrate the skin. This results in fine lines and wrinkles. The Hydra Fusion Facial cleans the bacteria from the skin and hydrates the healthy skin cells which reduces the appearance of wrinkles. Plus you get the most gorgeous glow!
  • Easy & Painless–With the Hydra Fusion Facial, there is no downtime, no redness, and no abrasive tools. It even takes care of white and blackheads! Not to mention, the more times you have the Hydra Fusion Facial, the better your results will be and the longer they will last.

Right now we are running an amazing deal on the Hydra Fusion Facial!

Hydra FusionFacial with a Peel

$200.00 each

Includes the one hour Hydra Fusion Facial and one layer of a customized chemical peel (specifically chosen for your skin type), as well as light therapy, and High Frequency.  Learn more about High Frequency.


$185 for a Series of 3 is $555.00

$165 for a Series of 6 at $990.00.

If you’d like to book your appointment or learn more, give us a call at 770-704-5614 or visit our Book Now page.


Getting to Know: Kara

She walks in beauty, like the night
   Of cloudless climes and starry skies;
And all that’s best of dark and bright
   Meet in her aspect and her eyes;
I have always loved this poem by Lord Byron and when thinking about what to write for Kara, it just popped into my mind. It describes her personality to a T, she does walk in beauty and she is the first to see the good in people. She is kind and giving when so many are not. She tries each day to do good in the world through her relationships with her daughter, her family, and her clients.
We love her ready laugh, her smile, her sweet nature and we know you do too. Take a peek inside Kara’s world by reading below.

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Small Business Saturday

It has been said that being a small business owner is making a courageous decision to start and then continuing to make courageous decisions every day. Running a small business is never easy. It requires guts to open the doors every day, to market yourself and your business, to handle licensing, taxes, profit and loss. To hope and pray that at the end of the week, you have money to pay yourself. And it only becomes more complicated when you hire staff. Your employees depend on you for leadership, guidance, as well as a paycheck and you feel the responsibility every day, right there on your shoulders. (In the US, small businesses provide 55% of all jobs.)

That’s why it was such big deal when Small Business Saturday was created in 2010. Everyone knows that the holidays are were small businesses make the majority of the profit that will carry them through the lean times (and there are always lean times.) Finally, there was an entire event devoted to the mom & pops, the local pharmacy, the furniture store. We had a day designed to bring the people out to support the backbone of our local economy. And it has only grown from there.

This year we are celebrating the 5th Small Business Saturday in Downtown Canton. It is this Saturday, November 28 and it is going to be stellar! All of the stores, restaurants, and boutiques will be offering major deals, including Practically Perfect.

We know that the holidays can be tough and we know that you have to be careful how you spend your money. But remember that for every $100 you spend at a locally-owned store, $68 stays in the community (compared to $43 at a big box.) That’s $68 that you invest in jobs and entrepreneurship. That’s $68 that can help buy Little League uniforms. That’s $68 that you put towards the environment because what you bought required less transportation and packaging.

So on Friday instead of rushing out to the big strip mall, kick back and relax with a turkey sandwich. Then come visit your friends in Downtown on Saturday. We can’t wait to see you.

Check out the specials below for Downtown Canton!



What Is A High Frequency Facial Treatment?

Hey, Meghan here again.

Have you ever had one of those awful, under the skin, painful pimples? The kind that just lurk there like some deep sea monster? Known as “blind pimples” because they have no head, they are always larger and more painful than the average pimple because the inflammation is deep down in the skin.

Did you know that there is a fast fix waiting at Practically Perfect? Seriously. The other day after finding one of these on my chin when I woke up, I stopped in at the spa to see if there was anything Lisa could do to make it not quite so Mount Vesuvius-like. She suggested we use the high frequency machine on it, which I had never tried before and it worked great.

But what exactly is it? Here a few things to know:

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Getting to Know: Callie

She’s SUPER-CALLIE-fragilisticexpialidocious and I’m sure she has never heard that before (forgive me, Callie.)

Ahem, anyway, I would love to introduce the newest member to the Practically Perfect family, Callie. She joins us as our new stylist and colour expert. You might have seen on our Facebook page the lovely style she did for Brittany’s homecoming, if not here it is:


We are so excited to have Callie join us and we know you will love her enthusiasm and sweet personality just as much as we do. If you haven’t yet made her acquaintance, read on to get the inside scoop.

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Getting to Know: Tracy

I don’t think there is a limit to the accomplishments of our newest massage therapist, Tracy. Her resume is testament to her thirst for knowledge and she puts into practice every thing she has learned. Her goal for her clients is a state of total wellness, including diet and nutrition. She shows how massage, as well as food-based healing can play a major part in a client’s overall health.

Most importantly, Tracy is kind. She makes you feel comfortable immediately. You know that when you are with her, her entire focus is on you and that’s rare these days.

If you haven’t yet met Tracy, get to know a little bit about her by reading below.

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Getting Your Brows Tinted: What to Know

Hey there, Meghan here posting for Lisa today and I thought we’d talk about eyebrow tinting. I recently started doing this at the spa and let me tell you that I LOVE the way it looks. Madi, Atiya, Lisa, and Briana all do an amazing job and I couldn’t be happier with my new slightly-darker brows.

I have always had very pale, fine eyebrows. So much so, that one time someone asked me where they were…like they had managed to escape from my forehead. We weren’t friends for a little bit after that. 🙂

But I digress. If you haven’t considered eyebrow tinting or if you have, but haven’t made an appointment yet, here are a few things to know:

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Getting Your Skin Ready for Winter

If you are anything like me, you might already feel your lips starting to chap in this cooler weather. Although we have had a lot of rain in North Georgia this week, my skin still feels parched. And every year, I struggle with a bright red nose from sneezing and blowing and cracked dry heels. I love this time of year, but it sure can be rough on the body.

This time around, things are going to be a little different though. I’m going to follow these five easy steps and keep my skin looking great even on the coldest day of the year.

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Top 5 Questions To Ask Before Getting Waxed

A painful bikini wax ranks right up at the top of the my list of fears. Having someone nonchalantly ripping out the hairs from a very tender part of your body is no fun whatsoever. (Yeowww.) This is why it’s important to get all the information you need before dropping trou.

First off, don’t have a glass of wine before your appointment to take the edge off. Alcohol will actually work as a stimulant and tighten the pores, thus making it harder to pull out the hair. Also don’t shave before your appointment. The hair needs to be 1/4 to 1/8 of an inch long in order for the best results (it also is quicker and easier to remove.) Lastly don’t workout before or after your appointment. Sweat will make it harder to remove hair and the friction from working out after can cause a reaction. Wait at least 24-48 hours after your wax to work out.

Now let’s get to the Top 5 Questions to discuss before getting waxed:

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Top 5 Questions to Ask Your Hair Stylist (Before They Start)

The relationship between you and your stylist is an important one and it can take awhile to develop a friendship. Apart from husbands and best friends, your hairstylist usually knows the most about you and your life, work, and family. The salon should be a naturally supportive environment where you can feel comfortable sharing your ideas and learning how to achieve them. Your stylist should act as an extension of that hospitality and make you feel right at home.

In order to get to that point though, you will need to ask some questions first. Any stylist worth her salt should be able to answer these for you and if they can’t, get yourself a new one post haste!

So here they are, in no particular order, the top 5 questions to ask your stylist: Continue reading

Getting That Perfect Hair at Home

We have all been there, sitting in the stylist’s chair as they are showing you how to style your hair and telling you how to do it at home. On the outside, you smile and nod and maybe say something like, “Sure, I could do that.” On the inside you are just like, “Yeah, no, that’s not happening.”

Maybe you are short on time or your arm hurts after holding the blowdryer for more than 3 minutes or perhaps the ponytail is your life. Believe us when we say that we know all about it and we want to help!

On Thursday, November 12, at 6pm, we will be offering a class for YOU. Bring in your products and your brushes and after we shampoo you, we will see how you usually style your hair, while offering suggestions and advice. We know you have a specific look in mind and this is a great way to get some hands-on experience achieving it.

The class is limited to 18 and the cost is $20. Visit Book Now and once you click the link, choose Book Class on the left or give us a call at 770.704-5614 and we will get you signed up.

This is a great way to prepare for all of the holiday parties in a supportive, helpful environment. Plus refreshments are included!

Top 5 Questions to Ask Your Esthetician

Top 5 Questions to Ask Your Esthetician

If you haven’t ever been to see an esthetician before, you might have concerns about what actually happens when you are there. Any good service provider should be able to answer your questions, put you at ease, and make you feel great about your results. At Practically Perfect, we want you to feel completely comfortable every step of the way. So we sat down and brainstormed about the questions that we think you should ask us (if you’d like to.)

Of course, a lot of what we have listed here will get talked about during your appointment, but if we don’t hit on a topic or if you need more detail—talk to us. We want to be your skin’s best friend.

So here go the 5 questions you should ask:

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We Love Fall!

Tailgating and football, falling leaves and apple cider, scarves and boots….these are a few of my favorite things! Seriously, though we love fall. And we want you to as well!

Come visit us during the month of October and get a free pumpkin treatment with any manicure or pedicure. We are also offering 10% off ANY service for new clients.

We apology for the short post, but we are about to go rake some leaves. Come see us soon at Practically Perfect and tell us why you love fall!