Happy Anniversary!

Wow! It’s been six years as Practically Perfect Day Spa. What a wild ride it has been. We are so excited to have shared these years with you and we want to thank you for your support. We are so happy to do what we do every day; you make it possible.

As part of our thanks to you, we are offering a special deal for the month of September. Pick any three services and receive 10% off your total. The services include: hair cut, all over color, manicure, pedicure, pumpkin facial, or massage.

We are also offering complimentary beverages like wine, beer and a special fall cider for the month of September. So come by for a visit and let us pamper you.

We love you lots!


A Special Thank You

In the last few months, as we got ready to move, it was such a blessing to have the entire team pitch in and help. We spent hours upon hours cleaning, packing, sorting, and readying the new space and they were right there to lend a hand.

One person though really went above and beyond the call of duty and today, we want to say thank you to her. Not only is she a fabulous esthetician, she is also one of the most giving and caring individuals that you may ever meet. She has never met a stranger and her sweetness really knows no bounds. We don’t know what we would do without Briana.

Here are a few of things that she has done or continues to do every day to make the spa run smoothly:

  • She put her own creative touch on each of the rooms in the new spa and helped to make them perfect.
  • She takes care of each chore at the spa as if it were the most important aspect of her job, including doing all the laundry before she leaves and handling any garbage.
  • She takes care of greeting the clients, escorting them to their service, answering the phone, booking new appointments, and taking payments with ease. She never breaks a sweat. 🙂
  • Her clients regularly compliment her on skills as an esthetician, in fact a few have fallen asleep during their facial treatment. Many have also said that her waxing skills are some of the best around.

Briana is always willing and able to jump in and get the job done. We really can’t say enough nice things about her, but we hope that she knows just how much she is appreciated.

Thank you, Briana, from the bottom of our hearts. <3


Thank You!

What a wonderful turn out for our Open House! Thank you to everyone that had a chance to stop by for a visit. We loved seeing everyone and sharing our beautiful new space with you. We took a few photos of the Open House, so check them out below.

If you couldn’t make it last night, feel free to stop by to check out the spa when you have some time. If you’d like to book an appointment, click Book Now.

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The Archers of 361 East Main

We hope you have had a chance to stop by our new home on Main Street! We have been so excited to welcome you all and we can’t wait for the Open House next week on Thursday. Many of you have asked about the history of the house and we wanted to give you a little snippet.

After the death of her husband, Roxie Archer moved her two young daughters, Elizabeth and Marie, from Sharp Mountain to Canton and built the home at 361 East Main Street. We believe the home was built around 1904, which would mean that she had lost her husband, built a home, and moved all while her youngest was only a year old. (Talk about tough.)

The Archer’s lived there for a number of years before Roxie moved to Jasper to run the Archer Hotel. The Canton City Census in 1920 lists Mrs. W.B. Archer, 41; Elizabeth Archer, 19; and Marie Archer, 17. They attended the First Baptist Church of Canton, which at that point was located downtown, near the present-day City Hall.

In 1923, Marie was married to John Robert Teasley of Canton and they had five children. Later, the new middle school in Canton was named for Marie Archer Teasley for her generous support of children’s education. We think it was fated that this is also where our number one handyman and favorite Practically Perfect man, Sean Furilla, teaches now.

After the Archer’s moved to Jasper, the home belonged to the McClure family and sisters, Pollie, Rochelle, and Dale, continued to live there for many years following World War II. The sisters also taught school and Mr. Bill Teasley remembers Dale as one of his teachers.

The home was later purchased by the Magana family, who own it presently. We are thankful to them for maintaining so much of the home’s original character, as well as saving historic documents found in the attic.

Please stop by next Thursday at 5:30 to see the home for yourself and to learn a little bit about Practically Perfect’s future. We will have wine, beer and other refreshments!

Marie, Roxie, and Elizabeth Archer on the front porch of 361 East Main
Marie, Roxie, and Elizabeth Archer on the front porch of 361 East Main

This Old House: All my bags are packed, I’m ready to go

What a whirlwind it has been the last month or so. It has culminated in these last few crazy days when we have been shuffling furniture, equipment, products, and linens from one historic house to another. As we draw to a close this evening, we have been reflecting on just what our little home at 577 East Main Street has meant to us. It’s really where my dream started. I wanted to open my own spa. I wanted it to be a place that was peaceful, where you could escape the hustle and bustle of the day. A refuge of sorts for all my people. The house we picked was quirky and pretty, calm and peaceful. It has been an anchor all these years not just for me, but for all the people who work there. We have built quite the little family and although a few people have come and gone- they always know that they can come home for a visit anytime.

I am excited to be starting in a new place and I think the changes we have made will thrill you. We have so much more space for everything. It is a little bittersweet looking back though; as we close one door, we open a new one.

“You get a strange feeling when you leave a place like you’ll not only miss the people you love, but you miss the person you are at this time and place because you’ll never be this way again.” – Azar Nafasi

I’ll miss the crooked door frames, the squeaks in the floor, the tricky lock on the front door. I’ll miss the way it smells after years of spa services. I’ll miss the scalding hot water tap (well, maybe not that so much.)

But my bags are packed, I’m ready to go.

We will see you tomorrow at 361 East Main Street.

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This Old House: BBQ & Brews … and paint!

Only 12 more days until we are open in our brand new space in the Loop. We are so excited to be joining the rest of the businesses already established there. It will make it that much easier to join in during festivals, First Fridays, and all the other happenings.

Like this weekend for example, with the BBQ & Brews Festival on the square. We can’t wait to see everyone turn out for this great event that supports such a wonderful cause.

From their website, www.bbqandbrews.com:

The BBQ & Brews Festival is the first of what will be an annual barbecue competition and craft beer festival held on Main Street in Downtown Canton, GA. Join us for this family friendly event with live music, local craft beer, food trucks and a sanctioned BBQ cooking competition on April 30th 2016, from 12pm-8pm!

The festival is hosted by #ForCanton, a non-profit organization 501(c)(3) dedicated to fighting poverty, homelessness, and hunger in the city of Canton. We love this city. We live here, shop here, and build friendships here in this great city. The city of Canton is thriving — new restaurants, vendors, community activities, and residential communities are emerging more and more. As the population continues to flourish, we want to make sure ALL of Canton’s people can thrive, especially those going through a hard time, for whatever reason. #ForCanton is passionate about compassion — we run a clothing closet, a food pantry, and a variety of services specific to the Fall and Winter months (school supplies drive, a warming shelter, full Thanksgiving meals, etc). 100% of all profits from the BBQ & Brews Festival will go to these outreach adventures as we provide for our community and continue to grow with the great city of Canton.

We love our home and we know you love it too. Thanks for supporting Canton.


In the meantime, check out updated photos of the new space! We still have a lot of work to do, but it’s coming along nicely.

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This Old House: The Uncovering

Wow, just wow. It has been an amazing week of transformation at our new house on Main Street. We moved into the former grocery store side of the house and, subsequently, did A LOT of moving out. Moving out huge shelving units, that is.

It is crazy what a little light and space will do for a room. The grocery store side is almost unrecognizable now. The highlights for us have been the gigantic bay windows and the beautiful tiled fireplaces. Each fireplace has its own distinct tile and color and they were ALL hidden.

In some ways, it all ties together. The transformation at this old house, the work we do everyday at the spa, our lives at home- beauty surrounds us, it just needs to be observed, uncovered.

Check out the photos below to see what we mean. We hope you have a blessed week!

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Did You Hear? We’re Moving

You might have seen on Facebook or in an email that Practically Perfect is in the process of renovating our new space in Downtown Canton. We are moving a bit closer into “The Loop” and will be located at 361 East Main Street. We have loved every minute of our time on the corner of Pettit and Main Streets, but we are so excited to offer our clients more space and more services.

In the meantime, Lisa, Sean & team have been working hard with the owners of the new space to get it ready for a mid-May opening. Check out these recent photos to see what they have been up to:

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Spotlight on the Front Desk: Anne, Heather, & Lauren

As you walk into Practically Perfect, you notice that it smells like flowers, citrus, and herbs. The walls are a soft blue, products line the wall, and a comfy seat beckons you. You hear someone say, “Good Morning” and a smiling face greets you from behind the desk. They instantly make you feel at home, asking if you’d like a glass of water and letting you know when your service provider will be ready. You already feel relaxed and your appointment hasn’t even started.

When it comes to first impressions, we strive to be the type of person that we would want to meet. That’s why we work with only the very best front desk staff, Anne, Heather, and Lauren. Great service for our clients begins and ends with them and they go the extra smile everyday. 🙂




The Elaine Sterling Institute and Practically Perfect Day Spa

Hi friends!

Some of you may know that I attended the Elaine Sterling Institute for my esthetician training. I credit the school for a lot of the success that we have had at Practically Perfect. Elaine is a wonderful role model and mentor and her passion for what she does inspired me to start this spa.

Now I’m excited to announce a partnership between us! Over the next year, we will be sharing stories and advice on EVERYTHING in the beauty world. The ESI blog will share our articles and we will share their excellent posts. We are so excited for this opportunity and know that you will be thrilled as well.

The first post will be up shortly. I’ve written on my experiences with ESI as a student and later how it influenced how I run my business.

I can’t wait for y’all to read it. In the meantime, check out the ESI blog.

Lots of love,


Love is in the Air

Meghan here.

Confession: I’m a cynic. Whenever anyone gets googly-eyed over Valentine’s Day, I’m more likely to roll my eyes than to gush. To me, the best part of Valentine’s Day is the 50% off candy on the 15th of the month.


I do love to make the people in my life feel special. It’s one of my little joys to make people smile or laugh and I like to do little things to show them that I care about how they are doing. This is why I liked this gif so much from Bright Side. It makes it a little easier to pick a nice thing to do today. If your image isn’t working, click here.


So do something nice today for a stranger, for your mom, for your best buddy, or your family. Then tell us about it in the comments!

Spread the love!

Don’t forget to check out our Valentine’s Specials!

27 Beauty Companies That Don’t Test On Animals (And 17 That STILL Do)

At Practically Perfect, it’s very important to us that the products we use and sell are cruelty-free, meaning that they aren’t tested on animals. The lines we carry, PCA Skin, Vinylux, Pureology, Colorescience, are never tested on animals or use any animal by-products.

We decided to do a little more digging and find other companies that share our cruelty-free vision and we also wanted to find out the companies we should avoid. Our list is a mix of some well-knowns and some not-so-well-knowns. Let’s take a look:

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Getting to Know: Lauren

The BEST part of working for Practically Perfect (apart from making our clients feel extraordinary) is making new friends as we continue to grow. In the last two months, we have added three new team members and we are so excited to introduce to you the latest addition to our family- Lauren.

We think Lauren, with her sweet smile and engaging personality, is going to be a great fit at the front desk. We know that all of our clients will feel right at home when they talk with her. In the meantime, get to know the gal behind the desk with this little quiz below.

Then give Lauren a call to book your next appointment!

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Under the Weather Remedies

It’s that time of the year again, everyone is gathered together for the holidays and inevitably someone catches a cold or comes down with a sore throat. The stress of planning the perfect holiday season coupled with little Timmy being out of school makes it easy to be laid low with an illness.

But before you chug the Robitussin, consider using a few natural remedies with essential oils to speed healing. Here are a few ways to use them:

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Small Business Saturday

It has been said that being a small business owner is making a courageous decision to start and then continuing to make courageous decisions every day. Running a small business is never easy. It requires guts to open the doors every day, to market yourself and your business, to handle licensing, taxes, profit and loss. To hope and pray that at the end of the week, you have money to pay yourself. And it only becomes more complicated when you hire staff. Your employees depend on you for leadership, guidance, as well as a paycheck and you feel the responsibility every day, right there on your shoulders. (In the US, small businesses provide 55% of all jobs.)

That’s why it was such big deal when Small Business Saturday was created in 2010. Everyone knows that the holidays are were small businesses make the majority of the profit that will carry them through the lean times (and there are always lean times.) Finally, there was an entire event devoted to the mom & pops, the local pharmacy, the furniture store. We had a day designed to bring the people out to support the backbone of our local economy. And it has only grown from there.

This year we are celebrating the 5th Small Business Saturday in Downtown Canton. It is this Saturday, November 28 and it is going to be stellar! All of the stores, restaurants, and boutiques will be offering major deals, including Practically Perfect.

We know that the holidays can be tough and we know that you have to be careful how you spend your money. But remember that for every $100 you spend at a locally-owned store, $68 stays in the community (compared to $43 at a big box.) That’s $68 that you invest in jobs and entrepreneurship. That’s $68 that can help buy Little League uniforms. That’s $68 that you put towards the environment because what you bought required less transportation and packaging.

So on Friday instead of rushing out to the big strip mall, kick back and relax with a turkey sandwich. Then come visit your friends in Downtown on Saturday. We can’t wait to see you.

Check out the specials below for Downtown Canton!



We Love Fall!

Tailgating and football, falling leaves and apple cider, scarves and boots….these are a few of my favorite things! Seriously, though we love fall. And we want you to as well!

Come visit us during the month of October and get a free pumpkin treatment with any manicure or pedicure. We are also offering 10% off ANY service for new clients.

We apology for the short post, but we are about to go rake some leaves. Come see us soon at Practically Perfect and tell us why you love fall!

Getting to Know: Meghan

Although not an esthetician, massage therapist, or stylist (even though she loves the services provided by each 🙂 ), Meghan is a valuable member of the Practically Perfect team. Just today I said, “I don’t know how other people survive without a Meghan.”

As we move into a strange new world with a new salon system and a new website, knowing I have Meghan in my corner makes me feel good.

If you haven’t met Meghan yet, read more below.

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New Website and Other Stuff

We have been in the process of moving our salon and spa account from software to another and with that comes a new and improved website! Over the next couple of weeks, we transferring all data out of Vagaro and moving to Clover. Please bear with us as we continue to improve your experience. You will still have the option of booking online, plus new features like this blog!

If there are any features you’d like to see added, please talk to us in the comments. We would love to hear from you.

Also we wanted to wish our friends, Michael and Kristie, warm congratulations on their wedding today! We can’t wait to celebrate with you!

Have a lovely weekend, friends!

Changes Afoot!

If you have been to the spa recently, you might have seen some rearranging, some new items and some items that are long gone. We have been making lots of headway into redoing our space, including new shampoo bowls, new stations for our stylists, and a new front desk area.

The real change though is apparent in our energy. Through the spa’s physical changes, the team has found new energy and new zeal in the work we do. Our new shampoo bowls are easier to use and more comfortable, so we experience less back and neck issues. Our new stations have more space and are more pleasing to the eye, so our guests feel more comfortable. Our new front desk area has been remodeled for expanded seating and ease of use. All of these changes have increased our happiness exponentially.

Our goal at Practically Perfect is for you, the client, to have the best experience possible. When we improve the spa physically, we improve ourselves mentally, and, therefore, improve your experience.

Stop by soon to check out the improved digs! In the meantime, take a gander at these photos!


New Shampoo Bowls!


Before and After!

photo 1 (4)photo 2 (4)photo 3 (3)

Practically Perfect: 5 Years Later

Wow, what a ride it has been. When I started attending the Elaine Sterling Institute to learn to be an esthetician, I had no idea where it would lead me. It was only later after graduating that I realized my aptitude for business and the joy I found in making people feel and look better.

Practically Perfect Day Spa & Salon is the product of years of hard work, sacrifice, love, and joy. After my family, it is the first thing I think about in the morning and the last thing on my mind before I fall asleep. There have been days where it has been hard to keep trying, but when I look at the wonderful group of people around me, I find my reason to keep moving forward.

As I’m sure you know, Practically Perfect wouldn’t be the same without the passionate and compassionate staff. The team at the spa are among the most well-trained, well-educated, giving individuals that I have ever had the pleasure of leading. Their willingness to learn, the pleasure they take in their work, and their unfailing good humor make it easy to show up every day, ready to work.

Looking to the future, some of you might have seen my dream plan hanging on the wall at the spa. It shows Practically Perfect’s expansion showing perhaps a wedding venue, more treatment rooms, a bistro, etc. The sky is the limit with our spa and our team and, thankfully, our little, sweet city is moving forward too. We are proud to be in Downtown Canton, we are proud to be your local spa and salon, and I am proud to be your friend. #CantonForward #PracticallyPerfectForward

All the best,