What’s New: Marula Oil – Rare Oil Treatment

We have a new conditioning treatment at Practically Perfect, Marula Oil!

The Marula tree, as well as its fruit and seeds has long been utilized by people in South Africa and is one of the great, indigenous trees of the region. Because the tree is drought resistant, it is suited for the climates in Namibia, Botswana, Zimbabwe, and Zambia.

In 1972, Eve Palmer and Norah Pitman wrote in Trees of Southern Africa, covering all known indigenous species in the Republic of South Africa, South-West Africa, Botswana, Lesotho & Swaziland that, “It is the oil from the Marula kernel that has come to give the Marula tree its spiritual status. The kernels are so full of oil that a squeeze with the hand can release a rich yield. This healing oil is used as a cosmetic, by Southern African women, and is massaged onto the skin of their face, feet and hands.”

So if your hair has been a little under the weather lately, schedule an appointment for a conditioning treatment today!




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