A Special Thank You

In the last few months, as we got ready to move, it was such a blessing to have the entire team pitch in and help. We spent hours upon hours cleaning, packing, sorting, and readying the new space and they were right there to lend a hand.

One person though really went above and beyond the call of duty and today, we want to say thank you to her. Not only is she a fabulous esthetician, she is also one of the most giving and caring individuals that you may ever meet. She has never met a stranger and her sweetness really knows no bounds. We don’t know what we would do without Briana.

Here are a few of things that she has done or continues to do every day to make the spa run smoothly:

  • She put her own creative touch on each of the rooms in the new spa and helped to make them perfect.
  • She takes care of each chore at the spa as if it were the most important aspect of her job, including doing all the laundry before she leaves and handling any garbage.
  • She takes care of greeting the clients, escorting them to their service, answering the phone, booking new appointments, and taking payments with ease. She never breaks a sweat. 🙂
  • Her clients regularly compliment her on skills as an esthetician, in fact a few have fallen asleep during their facial treatment. Many have also said that her waxing skills are some of the best around.

Briana is always willing and able to jump in and get the job done. We really can’t say enough nice things about her, but we hope that she knows just how much she is appreciated.

Thank you, Briana, from the bottom of our hearts. <3



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