A Man’s Haircut: How to Talk Hair

In honor of Father’s Day, we thought we’d address an issue we have seen a lot during our years in business. A bad haircut on a guy. It happens frequently to both men and women, but it’s almost worse on a guy because they don’t usually have that¬†much hair to work with.

For example, one of our regular clients went to a major men’s haircut chain for a quick cut and…. it didn’t turn out well.

 IMG_5103 IMG_5102

Yeesh! It’s like the proverbial line in the sand.

IMG_5105 IMG_5104

Aaaaand afterward, all fixed up by Sasha

We aren’t sure whether it just wasn’t the stylist’s day or if she was lacking experience, but we know that a lot of bad haircuts stem from miscommunication. So let’s clear that up with today’s post on how to talk to your stylist.

The Style

First up, tell your stylist the look you are aiming for–if you want to look like Tom Hiddleston, Brad Pitt (circa Inglourious Basterds), or Jon Hamm aka Don Draper. These are all very different styles. Remember that pictures help, so save a few on your phone to give the stylist an idea if what you want. Also make sure you tell the stylist to be up front with you, if she doesn’t think it will look good for your head/face shape- you want to know that too.

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The Cut

Now is the time to be specific about how much you want taken off. Don’t say “a little off the top” because that can mean a variety of things to different stylists. Say something like “a quarter inch off the side and half an inch off the top.” If you don’t have them memorized already, ask your stylist what clipper guards she uses on your head so you know what to repeat the next time.

Taper and Napes

A tapered haircut means that the length of your hair gradually gets shorter from the top of your head to your neck. This is a fairly standard haircut, however, if you want your hair the same length all over, be sure to mention it. When it comes to the nape or neckline, you have three options: blocked, rounded, or tapered. The blocked nape is squared off and can give the impression of a wider neck if you have a thin neck. The rounded nape curves the corners of a blocked nape. Both will have to be maintained so that it doesn’t look unkempt when the hair below starts to grow in.

The last nape is taper, which just follows the natural neckline. It doesn’t need a lot of maintenance and is generally the preferred way to go.

Texture and Product

If you want to a choppy/piece-y look on top, tell your stylist about it. Then ask for his/her suggestions on product to get the look you want.

Lastly don’t forget to discuss your sideburn length and the arches around your ear. You know what looks good on your for sideburns and most men prefer that the stylist stick with the natural arch around the ear. Clarify these things with your stylist so your haircut is perfect all the way around.

We hope this will help solve those bad haircuts! Let us know if you have more questions, we are here to help. If you’d like to book with Sasha or one of our great stylists, click here.

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