The Archers of 361 East Main

We hope you have had a chance to stop by our new home on Main Street! We have been so excited to welcome you all and we can’t wait for the Open House next week on Thursday. Many of you have asked about the history of the house and we wanted to give you a little snippet.

After the death of her husband, Roxie Archer moved her two young daughters, Elizabeth and Marie, from Sharp Mountain to Canton and built the home at 361 East Main Street. We believe the home was built around 1904, which would mean that she had lost her husband, built a home, and moved all while her youngest was only a year old. (Talk about tough.)

The Archer’s lived there for a number of years before Roxie moved to Jasper to run the Archer Hotel. The Canton City Census in 1920 lists Mrs. W.B. Archer, 41; Elizabeth Archer, 19; and Marie Archer, 17. They attended the First Baptist Church of Canton, which at that point was located downtown, near the present-day City Hall.

In 1923, Marie was married to John Robert Teasley of Canton and they had five children. Later, the new middle school in Canton was named for Marie Archer Teasley for her generous support of children’s education. We think it was fated that this is also where our number one handyman and favorite Practically Perfect man, Sean Furilla, teaches now.

After the Archer’s moved to Jasper, the home belonged to the McClure family and sisters, Pollie, Rochelle, and Dale, continued to live there for many years following World War II. The sisters also taught school and Mr. Bill Teasley remembers Dale as one of his teachers.

The home was later purchased by the Magana family, who own it presently. We are thankful to them for maintaining so much of the home’s original character, as well as saving historic documents found in the attic.

Please stop by next Thursday at 5:30 to see the home for yourself and to learn a little bit about Practically Perfect’s future. We will have wine, beer and other refreshments!

Marie, Roxie, and Elizabeth Archer on the front porch of 361 East Main
Marie, Roxie, and Elizabeth Archer on the front porch of 361 East Main


3 thoughts on “The Archers of 361 East Main

  1. Two comments: First Baptist Church was the city hall. Even though the city added on the side part, the original building was that building where city hall is. Note about the McClure sisters was that they also had a bookstore in downtown Canton called McClure Bookstore. I believe it was in the current Grant building.

    1. Hi Mary Elizabeth,
      At the point when the City Directory was taken (1920), the current City Hall and former First Baptist Church was being built. The church in 1920 met in a building that is no longer standing on the west side of the park next to the former parsonage (now Mark Robillard’s offices.) It was demolished after the 1925 building was completed.

      From our research, the McClure bookstore had a few locations including one on East Marietta and one a little further up from the Grant Building. Thanks for your help with the history.

  2. Thank you for sharing this neat bit of history! So interesting & so neat how it all ties in together!!
    Congratulations on the new locale!! My family & I wish you the very best!!!

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