This Old House: Practically Perfect Style

“Old Places Have Soul”

Lisa and Sean and crew have been so busy working at the new space! We wanted to give you some updates:

  • There will be either four or five massage rooms, unless we make one an office for Lisa.
  • The floor underneath the bar had to be pulled up because it had rotted and then some pipes needed to be fixed due to leaks.
  • They will be using hardwood floors to replace the ones removed and to match the existing floors.
  • The shampoo chairs are scheduled to arrive next week!
  • We will be starting to paint this weekend, hopefully!
  • Sean and Lisa spent a lot of time replacing some of the tiles on the fireplace that had been removed and then covered over.
  • They also replaced the faucets and scraped about six layers of paint off the bathroom doors.
  • Lastly, they switched out the light fixtures with some more in keeping with house’s history.

IMG_4588 IMG_4589

Replacing the Floors

IMG_4593 IMG_4594

Updated Cabinets


New Lights!


Bathroom Doors

AND that’s not all, folks. Wait until you see the new pedicure chairs! Selina has been working hard on appointing her new space. The new pedicure chair is very different and will focus much more on relaxation and cleanliness. The room will be private. The technicians and clients will not have to walk through to get to other rooms for other services. The new chairs will guarantee that no bacteria can hide in crevices behind the jet fan or anywhere else and they are ergonomically correct for the added comfort of clients and the technician.




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