The Raindrop Technique: What Is It?

Are you stressed out? (Who isn’t, right?) Do you have tense muscles, poor immune health, or experiencing chronic back pain? These symptoms can arise in anyone and wreak havoc on our daily lives. We are offering a new massage therapy service, called the raindrop technique. The raindrop technique uses the principals of reflexology, massage therapy and essential oils to alleviate issues like those listed above.

What to expect from your raindrop technique session:

  • Your session will take place in a relaxed and quiet environment. Your massage therapist will ask you to discuss any areas of concern you’ve experience, disrobe and lie on your back and drape a sheet across yourself.
  • First, the therapist will apply essential oils to the reflexology points located on your feet.
  • Once the oils have been applied to your feet they will then ask you to lie face down on the table and “raindrop” the oils along your spine.
  • Next they will lightly feather in the oils along your spine using their fingertips.
  • Light-touch massage techniques will finally be used to work the oils into the skin and other problem areas previously discussed.
  • Your session will end with a warm compress placed along your spine that helps to drive the essential oils into the body.

A little more about the specific essential oils used:

  • Oregano – Anti-inflammatory, immune stimulant, antibacterial
  • Basil – Anti-spasmotic, muscle relaxant
  • Wintergreen – Pain relief
  • Marjoram – Relaxant, soothes muscles
  • Cypress – Improves circulation
  • Peppermint – Pain reliever, Anti-inflammatory

If you have more questions about the raindrop technique or reflexology, ask us in the comments. You can book your appointment on our website or by calling 770-704-5614.


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