Hair Care During Pregnancy: What to Know

Congratulations on your impending bundle of joy! We know that this an exciting, yet overwhelming time for you and your partner. You might be dealing with awful morning (noon and night) sickness, extreme fatigue, food aversions and so many other symptoms. Your hormones are even changing the hair on your body. When you’re pregnant, your hormones encourage the growing phase of your hair while also reducing or skipping the resting phase, where the hair falls out to make way for new growth. Therefore, you’ll probably notice extra thick hair for the next ninth months or if you already have thick hair, it might be even harder to manage. Plus all the hair on your body starts to grow even faster (hello, chin hairs.) 😐

When you aren’t feeling good, it can be hard to even care what state your hair is in. Believe us when we say that we totally understand. But if you are wanting to freshen your look, we can help. Or if you just want to be pampered for a little bit, we can help there too.

Let’s talk a little bit about what services we offer:

  • Shampoo/Blowout–There is a reason that the shampoo is the best part of the appointment, it just feels so dang good to have some rubbing your scalp and neck. It reduces all of that tension and the great-smelling products leave you relaxed with shiny, bouncy hair.
  • Hair Cut and Style–You might not be ready for a big chop when it comes to your hair, but even getting a trim will help your hair (especially if it’s constantly in a messy bun, while you are hurling up breakfast.)
  • Hair Color–The jury is still out on this one. Some doctors recommend not dyeing your hair during pregnancy, while others say not to dye during the first trimester. Some say that any dye is fine, while others feel that a naturally-derived dye is best. Talk to your doctor about her recommendations and then to your stylist. We can find a way to compromise (even if it’s just highlights!)

As your hair continues to change throughout pregnancy, you might also want to consider switching products to suit. Hair can become oilier, dryer, and even grayer (yay) so flexibility is key.

Don’t forget that we also offer prenatal massage for our moms-to-be. It’s a great way to relieve back and leg pain and relax before your due date. Check out our recent article to learn more!

Blessings to you and your baby!

Love, the Practically Perfect Team


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