How To: Create a Smoky Eye

Ahhh, the elusive smoky eye look. We all want it and many of us struggle with creating it perfectly. No matter how many step by step eyeshadow compacts they make, it is still a struggle to arrange them perfectly on an eyelid. But fret no more, we have your answer!

We have made it pretty simple with basic instructions (and photos!) so you can do it at home.

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First Step

Begin by applying your concealer, foundation, and powder as you would normally. Then using your eyeshadow palette, select a light or shimmery neutral and apply it in a sweeping motion from the inside corner of your eye out. As you are applying to both eyes, check to make sure that the application on each eye matches.

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Second Step

After applying your light base color, choose a darker grey shade to apply next. Use a brush to apply from the middle of the eye outwards to the edge. Tilt your brush slightly up to form a small winged edge. Don’t entirely cover the light base color, as we want it to be shimmery towards the inside of your eye.

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Third Step

The next step is to apply a white or silver color to the inside corner of your eye. You can take a little on your index finger and place right between your eye and bridge of your nose. This opens the eyes and makes them seem bigger and brighter.

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Fourth Step

Blend, blend, blend. Take your makeup brush and blend so that there are no definite lines between the colors. In a sweeping motion, go from the inside corner to the outside.

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Fifth Step

Eyeliner. It can be your best friend or worst enemy. We prefer the liquid eyeliner over the pencil, because we can get a finer line. However, use what you feel most comfortable with. If it is a pencil, make sure that is clean and sharpened. Then with your hand, pull your eyelid slightly out (not too hard.) Draw a small line from the corner of your eye to the edge. Remember if you mess up, you can blend it in and down. The biggest issue with eyeliner is not getting it as close as possible to your lash base. Always blend down so that it doesn’t look like you have a line in the middle of your eyelid.

Lastly curl your lashes and apply mascara. And you’re done!

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We know you’ve heard it a million times, but remember to throw away old and expired makeup. Never share eye or lip makeup or you might end up with a stye or worse.

Lastly, if you just don’t want to deal with it, we can help. We recently opened our professional makeup bar and have two master cosmetologists that can help with your special look. Call us today to book! 770-704-5614

Makeup: Madi Ostrica

Model: Briana DeLuca


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