How To: Wash Your Hair

This one seems pretty simple, right?  You have been shampooing your hair for years, and it seems to have worked out all right. However, you may have noticed dryness or oiliness from time to time and you can’t figure out why. It didn’t seem like you had done anything differently, but  your hair just would not style that day. So you put it up or wrap it up and forget about it.

If you’ve had those days, it might be because you weren’t shampooing and conditioning your hair properly. We’ve made it easy for you in this article to get the perfect shower cycle down every time. Just follow these 6 easy steps:

  1. Soak It—Many people begin their shampoo without first making sure their hair is properly wet. Warm water helps your hair to absorb the nutrients in your shampoo by opening the cuticle. Don’t skip the step and leave your hair out to dry.
  2. Be Gentle—Too few people treat their hair as they should. Remember that when you are shampooing,  be as gentle as you would hand-washing your delicates.
  3. Condition First—If you have long or thick hair, consider conditioning first to protect the fragile ends or layers from drying out.  Then shampoo as usual.
  4. Mid-Shaft Shampoo and Conditioning—Starting in the middle of your hair encourages even product application. Your shampoo might be more focused on your roots and your conditioner on your ends.
  5. Cool Rinse—Even if it’s the middle of winter, try to do a cool(er) rinse on your hair. The change in temperature seals your cuticle, making it shiny.
  6. Rinse and Repeat—Many salons will offer the advice that you should never shampoo your hair twice. However, if you are using a quality product with nutrients designed for your hair texture, —the first lather cleanses the hair, while the second feeds the hair. If you are using shampoo containing sulfates or other harsh chemicals, don’t shampoo twice (and consider switching your product!)

Remember to rinse your hair thoroughly so that it will style properly. You can also follow up with a leave-in treatment afterward. Your hair will thank you for the wonderful treatment!

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