Are Your Feet Dog Tired?

Your feet bear your entire weight every day, so it really isn’t any wonder that they are sore by the end of it. We compound it by wearing high heels or too-small shoes and by not taking proper care of our feet. Calluses, bunions, plantar’s warts—none of them are any fun. Plus you might be embarrassed that they’re there, even though we all get them.  You know you should visit a salon to give them a little TLC, but which one?

If you go to a regular nail salon to have your feet looked after, chances are their cleaning standards won’t be up to snuff. A recent article featured in the New York Times investigated the unsafe and unhealthy conditions that nail technicians and their customers regularly face. Another article in the New York Post reported a man had died of complications relating to a pedicure. Even the tiniest abrasion or nick can have serious consequences for your health. This is why it is so important that when you are selecting your nail salon, you pick a team you can trust.

Our team at Practically Perfect Day Spa and Salon takes your health and the health of our technicians seriously. We partnered with Selina Wilmot, a registered medical nail technician, in order to bring you the very best in care. Selina underwent extensive and rigorous training and has great experience in aseptic care, including the use of an autoclave. She also is familiar with diseases and disorders of the feet. Podiatry Today, in a recent article, recommended that every office should have a medical nail technician on staff. When you visit our spa, you can trust in the fact that your health is our top priority. Our sterilization and cleaning practices are second to none and our staff goes above and beyond to make you feel relaxed and comfortable.

If you have questions regarding our health and safety practices, talk to us in the comments! Or call to book your appointment, 770-704-5614.


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